Hỗ trợ thủy lực

Hydraulic Support

Hydraulic Support One Mine With One Design For Strong Support 2400 - 54000KN Working Resistance1.23 - 8.8m Maximum Height0.66 - 6m Minimum Height

Kéo băng tải

SGZ Series Drag Conveyor

SGZ Series Drag Conveyor Higher Wear Resistance 250 - 315m Design Length400 - 1500t/h Delivery Capacity1.0 - 1.1m/s Chain Speed

Thiết bị khoan hầm

EBZ Series Roadheader

EBZ Series Roadheader Small Size, Wide Cut Range 218 - 570kW Total PowerCoal Seam Working Conditions75 - 318kW Cutting Motor Power

Máy cắt than

MG Series Coal Cutter

MG Series Coal Cutter Adapt Better To Varing Thickness 484 - 1920kW Gross Power210 - 750kW Cutting Power1.0 - 5.4m Cutting Height

Thiết bị khoan hầm

STR Series Roadheader

STR Series Roadheader A Hard Worker For Tunneling 384 - 570kW Total PowerCoal / Rock Seam Working Conditions150 - 318kW Cutting Motor Power

Thiết bị khoan hầm

SCR Series Roadheader

SCR Series Roadheader A Hard Worker For Non-Coal Seam 420 - 757kW Total PowerNon-coal Seam Working Conditions200 - 520kW Cutting Motor Power